This page links to all the gameplay movies and various media released for Rise & Fall. The links are organized by the site that hosts them. If we’re missing anything please email it to Wok.

Official Game Site
The official site hosts the trailer, an excerpt from Midway’s Gamer Day, and three unique videos not found elsewhere.

GameSpot hosts a five gameplay footage videos totaling about six minutes. It also hosts the 3 official trailers, an official movie, two interviews and demonstration with Rick Goodman, and twenty minutes of footage/interview from E3.

GameSpy also hosts the Official Game Trailer 1, but in Quicktime.

IGN hosts an E3 trailer and 12 outstanding gameplay videos.

Game Trailers
Game Trailers hosts 4 Game Trailers and seven gameplay movies. In addition the gameplay movies Game Trailers hosts an interview with Rick Goodman and a tour of SSSI’s both at E3. The “GT Interview” video is an excellent introductory video for new people interested in Rise & Fall.

FileFront – Rick Goodman Q/A Interview Video
The video is a little over 5 minutes long and a size of 80.3 megs in Windows Media format. It has some exclusive video footage not found on the Midway Gamers Day Presentation, or any of the official trailers or movies.

Midway’s Rise & Fall Section
Midway’s Rise & Fall Section hosts the 2 Official Trailers, some offical information, and various screenshots.

Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War Presentation Video (With Music & sound)
Here is the full 146 Meg video in Windows Media Player. Rick Goodman does not speak in this video. You simply get all the footage, music, and sound with the video.