So you’re up there, playing God, staring down at your troops swinging those swords and pulling those bows in a frantic and massive battle to define the fate of your empire. Your troops, however, are unmotivated; they are in the need of a real hero, someone to swing through enemy ranks with them and push them forward. In Rise of Fall, you have the opportunity to come down from your God throne and control that one person, that one hero that will push your, now fearless, army.

The Different Heroes of Rise and Fall
There are a total of 8 different heroes in Rise and Fall – 2 from each civilization. The table below shows each of the heroes; click on each image to discover more information about that hero as well as the other unis available to their civilization.

Egyptian Heroes

Greek Heroes

Persian Heroes

Roman Heroes

The Role of Heroes
Heroes in Rise and Fall have a huge impact on gameplay. Each civilization has two different hero units; one of which you will select to lead your faction throughout the game. Although your hero can die, he or she will respawn again after a period of time, meaning that your hero will be able to command your armies for the duration of the game.

Heroes are powerful units in their own right, but a unique feature of Rise and Fall makes them essential to gameplay. Hero Command gives you the ability to transform the perspective of the map and let you control your hero from a third person viewpoint. Once in hero mode, your hero becomes the real powerhouse of your faction and becomes capable of slaughtering swarms of enemy troops with ease. This feature is truly unique amongst RTS games, and should make playing Rise and Fall an incomparable experience.

Hero mode is something to be cherished in game, however, as you can only retain the third person perspective whilst your hero has stamina. The more stamina you have, the longer you can stay in hero mode, and as you level up your hero, his or her stamina will increase. To find out more about stamina and other resources in Rise and Fall, click here.

When in hero mode, you will be able to interact with some objects as well as buildings and units (as we speculate from released videos). From currently released videos, we saw the player in hero mode climb up siege towers, ride chariots, walk around buildings, and shoot flaming arrows at wooden structures burning them to the ground. Heroes will also be able to board boats and mow down anyone on the way.

Heroes in Action
Want to see more? Below are some screenshots of the Rise and Fall heroes in action. Click on each screenshot to enlarge it. This is just a small selection of the screenshots offered at Rise and Fall Heaven; to see more, click the link below the thumbnails.

See the heroes in action!

Click here to see more screenshots.

The official Rise and Fall website also hosts a video dedicated to the role of heroes in the game. To view their videos, click here. To view more videos about Rise and Fall, check out the media section of Rise and Fall Heaven here.