Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War is a historical Real-Time Strategy Game (RTS) developed and published by Midway Games.

Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War is packed with numerous next-generation, visceral gameplay elements and highly cinematic visuals, but retains the key concepts that have made the RTS genre among the most successful and pleasantly addictive in computer gaming. The game will support multiplayer scenarios, multi-level difficulty settings for single player skirmishes and scenarios, virtually unlimited multiplayer game options, and more!

Rise & Fall’s most compelling features include Hero Command, which is the ability to assume a virtual FPS perspective with your faction leader, and lead your armies to victory personally! Your armies will be enormous, and they will assume formations you choose based on their makeup and the task at hand. Rise & Fall also sets a new standard for naval warfare in the RTS genre, with complex tactical battles on water including ramming, boarding and customized ship abilities based on the units on each ship. Load catapults, archers, swordsmen or other units based upon your command of the seas and your plans once you reach enemy shores. Whether on land or sea, each nation’s units will be unique, as will buildings and other culturally specific elements in the game. Depending on the faction you choose, you will have a different, highly immersive game play experience, which in many respects gives the player several games in one.

Rise & Fall covers the first millennium BC, a timeline that arguably contains the most intriguing leaders and civilizations in ancient military history, each modeled with historical accuracy. Imagine commanding the massive forces of Persia and attacking a relatively small number of superbly trained Greek hoplites in a pass resembling Thermopylae, marveling at your opponent’s superb morale as they fight against enormous odds. Consider the quandary of commanding a Roman Garrison under attack from Egyptian archers and chariots, including Cleopatra’s own bow. Will you successfully defend, or be too busy drooling? How will you build the glory of your empire while protecting it from early attackers? How will you complete the siege of a massive citadel when you are constantly being counter-attacked by archers on the citadel walls and by defensive super-weapons? These and many others are questions only you can answer.

Rise & Fall has a long list of gameplay elements and strategic considerations which you can see here, but let’s not forget the full-featured scenario editor that can be used to create your own historic scenarios for single or multi-player use, or to modify scenarios shared by other players. Your options for enjoying Rise & Fall will be limited only by your creativity.