Matt Vella with some Pre Release Information:

Each civilization has a nice variety of advisors that make sense for that particular society. For instance, the Royal Armorer of Persia gives your hero extra defense. Or the seemingly lowly Rat Catcher of Rome, which boosts the morale of your troops. What’s nice is that you can choose advisors based on your style of play, and also utilize them to shore up any potential weak spots that your civ. might have.

Greg Seegert on Graphics:

So if you’re down on the battlefield in Hero Command leading a charge against an enemy fortification and slaughtering hundreds of Persian soldiers, Rise & Fall truly looks stunning. And it looks just as stunning when you’re in the traditional RTS view. Our graphics had to deliver on both counts, and they do.

Lee Eisenhuth on Hero Command:

When you enter Hero Command, you’re immediately down on the ground, in the thick of the battle, leading your men against the enemy’s position. For a very short period of time, you actually become the mightiest warrior on the planet. And during that time, you’re a juggernaut who’s slaughtering hundreds of enemy soldiers with your blade or cutting them down with your bow and arrow.