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Island Mountian 3 (finally)

Author File Description
Sir Snoopy
File Details
# of Players: 4
Version: R&F: Retail Version
This is a desert-based map that has a circular river that closes off an island which is resources and has
a few outposts (at least 8 total)

This map includes my modifications, which are listed.

Archers have longer range.
Cavalry can counter swordsman, and move much faster.
Siege rams are very hard to kill by arrow units.
Elephants are faster.

Note this is only a skirmish map and has no triggers or anything fancy.

4 players.

Installation: Place the rmv file into the Map scripts folder in Midway home Entertainment
Place the scn file into scenario folder.


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Sir Snoopy
File Author
The mods might be a little off. (I know player one has the changed units, I will fix that when I get good numbers.) Please post any numbers or changes that might be better.
Keep in mind that this is only a map and it is my first one.
_o0XxX0o_ This map is really messed up.

The game never ends. No victory condition. U kill the enemy, they still are in the game.

Icreasing the stats increases the upgrades expotentially. Horses move at lightning speed. Archers shoot from miles away.

When testing a multiplayer sceanrio, always test it in MP mode. Best way is to host an ip game with the map, with all comp players. I do this to test conditions that don't react the same in editor test.
Sir Snoopy
File Author
No, I'm sorry, but the point was that you use it as an rmv, like as a skirmish map (as said in the readme) but I understand the stats are messed up. To other reviewers: IT IS ONLY A MAP!
As an rmv, you should have a victory, just like playing on one of the maps that were shipped withe the game. If not, please tell me how to do that. Keep in mind that this is not a scenario. What did you think of the map itself?
_o0XxX0o_ I think if class upgrades for lower hero level units carry over when the units are upgraded. So upgrading each unit separately truncates to make them too fast, too much range.

I actually hosted this map the day it hit the download section, and other players were complaining that their archers did not have the extreme range that player 1(me) had.

The cavs move way to fast. Archers way to much range.

If you need some help structuring the units. Please ask, cause I'm not going to do anything without your approval. It would be a waste of my time.
_o0XxX0o_ Ok looking at your statement.

Upgrade just the lowest level units. The upgraded speed/range/hp's/attack/various armor will carry over to the upgraded units.

Put some different terrain under the water because it's hard to tell where the water is on the minimap.

The 4 outposts at the 4 corners of the map are impossible to look for. Try putting a flare 1 from each player underneath the 4 corner outposts so they can be seen...use trigger to delete them after the game starts if you choose to use triggers.

Also if you decide to use triggers make an objective box for all human players telling them very briefly about the specialities of the map

The water is just lowered terrain. Put terrain edges on the shore to make it look more natural.

I have developed a trigger system where added, it can tell u the stats of whatever units that are selected(clicked on), so you can see what's going on with the upgrades stats. Ask me about adding it temporarily to ur map.

I looked at ur map, and the settings specified ur map as a "scenario", and not a "skirmish" map

[Edited on 04/27/07 @ 11:28 PM]

Sir Snoopy
File Author
Thank you for all of your help.
But really, you can do any thing you need to right now with the units, especally. But now I need to go figure out how to make triggers.
I think It would be a really good idea for other map-makers would be to have a template for a map. It would be like a flat 4 player map with the unit mods and your trigger systems (people could just change the terrain). I would love to make somthing like that, but would you like to? I'm not sure I'm the best qualified. (or just teach me how)
But you do have the consent to work on the map.(just put my name somewhere in it) :)
Sir Snoopy
File Author
I just read your post more closely. Why would you add the trigger syetem that shows the stats, temporalaly? It would be nice to use them for the whole game.

I think the map template would be a really good idea.

[Edited on 04/28/07 @ 08:28 AM]

_o0XxX0o_ I can do a map template for you. Give ma a couple of days.

The stat indicator would cause out of sync's in MP mode.

I'll include a stat indicator in the template, but plaese deactivate it for online play.

[Edited on 04/30/07 @ 01:01 AM]

Sir Snoopy
File Author
Check your email.

ps. (I comp stomp with my friends on LAN)
massa21 i cant play any scenarios i have dawnloaded them but cant play them please help

HGDL v0.8.1

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