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I first joined HeavenGames in 2002, looking for help with Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds. I had a strong interest in RTS games, and in particular designing scenarios for them. Through SWGB Heaven I also developed an interest in modding and AI scripting, about which I wrote several tutorials. In early 2004 I was made a Cherub at SWGB Heaven to assist with forum moderation, but I resigned at the end of the year. I returned to the HeavenGames staff in March 2006 to help work on Rise and Fall Heaven as a content contributor and programmer, and, well... here I am! I'm very excited about this game and hope to contribute to Rise and Fall Heaven for a long time to come.

Offline, I guess I'm your average English teenager. I'm interested in music of all kinds (my taste ranges from hip-hop to hardcore, dance to death metal) and I like to convince myself I can play the guitar. What more can I say?

Jaime Medrano
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I first stumbled upon Heaven Games around late 2000, after the purchase of my first PC game that did not come out of a cereal box. Age of Empires II, it was called. One could say the game, “had me at hello.” I was immediately blown away by the stunning graphics. The depth of the game play. The rich vaults of history that were unlocked. But most of all, I was blown away by the ability to author my own scenarios and campaigns. I had always had a passion for writing stories and epic tales based in both Medieval and Greco-Roman time settings. Acting as a scenario designer gave me a chance to visually interpret those thoughts and ideas into something more.

It was on a late night Google search that I discovered Age of Kings Heaven. Third on the results page. Third to only Microsoft, and Ensemble Studios. I soon discovered the tight knit family housed within the forums, and it was with this that I decided this was the place. This was the community that I would share my creations with. It was after I worked up the courage to venture out into other Heavens that I discovered Stronghold 2 Heaven, as well as the Heaven where I now leave you. Rise and Fall Heaven.

Forum Moderator

Like many gaming fans, I first visited Heavengames in search of information and strategy on "Age of Empires" back in the late 1990's. I found a lot of helpful information and kept coming back from time to time, but really became a regular after Age of Kings (AoEII) came out. Even then, I didn't join, but was a serious lurker for another couple of years, downloading replays and devouring strategies. As the years passed, I played EE, and a few other games, mostly RTS titles.

In 2002, because of my involvement in an EE community, I began playtesting for Stainless Steel Studios (then) current project, Empires: Dawn of the Modern World. As a playtester, I had some real insight into what the game was about, and because I felt more people needed to hear about the game, I finally joined HG and started posting when Empires Heaven was created that year. I played the game avidly for quite a while, and was sorry it didn't fare better in the marketplace. More recently, I also playtested Rise & Fall: CaW at SSSI. I feel the game has some great features, and as the last product of SSSI, and with appreciation for Midway's efforts to make this an excellent game, I want to be a part of the HG team supporting the community. I also worked as Strategy Section Admin at RTWH for a few months. I was an original member of the HG staff at R&FH, and after a period away, I'm happy to be back in the less time-consuming role of mod and content contributor.

Dr Grip
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My first time to visit Heaven Games was around 2005. It was when I was trying to search for Empire Earth II scenarios to download that I discovered Empire Earth Heaven. At first I only came for the files in EEH, and eventually I joined the forums and visit even more regularly. Soon I became an EEII scenario designer and submitted several maps and scenarios.

About a year and a half later I heard about the game Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War. At first I thought it was only an ordinary RTS game. But after I have played the demo I was astonished by the stunning graphics and excellent game play. I was particularly interested in its creative ideas about ancient wars RTS games, such as units being able to get on walls, advanced naval combats and the Hero Command. Soon I brought the game and joined RaFH. Now I'm help as a moderator of the forums. I am very excited about Rise and Fall and hope to contribute here for a long time to come.