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New Download

Irmekroache has submitted a new single-player scenario to our download section, entitled War: A Soldier's Perspective.

I haven't played it yet, but it is described as a non-linear RPG style scenario, so if that sounds interesting to you, download it now!

Handing in his wings...

Sadly, our much loved cherub Dr Grip has decided to resign from his post at RaFH. Read his reasons and bid him farewell in this thread.

Dr Grip has been an influential member of the Rise and Fall community since the game was released, and it is a real shame to see him go.

World in Conflict Heaven

As you may have discovered by now if you read other sites on HG, World in Conflict Heaven has been launched.

I probably wouldn't do a description of the game justice, so go to the site to find out all about it!

HeavenGames Appoints Sergio Prado as new CEO

LOMBARD, IL - HeavenGames LLC, an internet leader in strategy fansites, today announced it has appointed Sergio "Socvazius" Prado to the position of Chief Executive Officer, effective July 28, 2007. Mr. Prado, a driven executive with considerable experience in the gaming industry, has worked at HeavenGames for 7 years in addition to Vivendi Universal's brand marketing department. He currently is a college junior at Harvard University.

Prior to this appointment at HeavenGames, Mr. Prado served as the company's Chief Content Officer on the executive board, ensuring the professional quality of content present across the network. He also headed six of its sites: for Age of Empires III, Age of Mythology, Age of Kings, Age of Empires, Rome: Total War, and Cossacks. During his employ at Vivendi Universal, Mr. Prado worked to market World in Conflict and Empire Earth III, two of the biggest strategy titles of 2007.

Tom Mescher, the exiting CEO, served as HeavenGames' leader since its incorporation in October of 2000. He is moving on to continue his career in the IT industry.

HeavenGames LLC (http://www.heavengames.com), based in Lombard, Illinois, is a privately owned web-content publisher geared towards the creation of special-interest sites for Real-Time Strategy and City-Builder games. Its sites, content, vast amounts of resources, as well as a dedicated staff & management team make HeavenGames' sites recognized by developers and press alike as one of the premier destinations for gamers worldwide.

Beta Units

_o0XxX0o_ has been experimenting with RaF's scenario editor lately, and has stumbled upon what appear to be beta units (units which were scrapped before release and are not supposed to be accessed).

From his forum post: "I found a lot of beta objects. Most were not very interesting, but this object is the most curious one that I found so far:

[JPEG, (265.09 KB)]
-Produces food, but is worth 50 wood. I'm assuming that would provide a perfect high fiber diet. Also this building makes the cursor turn into a "sickle" when moused over. The food cursor was obviously abandoned too.

A couple of other good ones were a beta Picasso looking tree, made from creating tree family. And a sheep from the animal family group, with the name: "pillbox"(obviously this is left over from edmw french building. I have no idea why it is in the animal grouping). This pillbox in a way, mimics the properties of a pillbox, in such that if a walking unit is tasked to it, they follow it around. Even in formation, until tasked to somewhere else. Pillbox sheep reproduce other pillbox sheep, and because they wander around, army and cits follow it around aimlessly. "Led by sheep"!! LOL

And finally another slightly interesting beta unit is when creating GalleyShip family, a ship called: "Fireship" is created. It has no oarsmen, and can't create units, but it fires flames just like a fire raiser."

Downloads Survey

HG has set up a small survey to gain some feedback from users about its download sections. If you have used the download section here at RaFH or at any other heaven and want to voice your opinion, please spend a few minutes filling in the survey.

The survey can be found here.