After the Presentation

After the presentation concluded we were largely free to do what we wished at the event; drinks were on the house, there was free food for all and plenty of games to play. Essentially, Midway's Gamers' Day Event was a fantasyland for a poor overworked university student. Several areas were setup where you could sit down and play the games featured in the presentation that were playable at the event (many games shown in the presentation were not playable as of yet). After the presentation ended I had a quick discussion with the gentlemen I had met from MK Online about what we had just seen and then I rushed off to play Rise and Fall.

Two computers were setup with Rise and Fall at the front of the room facing the stage, with the main bar directly behind (Convenient no?). As luck would have it, I was the first one to get a chance to play Rise and Fall. In short, I was slaughtered rather viciously by one of Midway's Producer's, Mathew Vella. There was only one map available to play at the event: Corridor of Blood. According to Johner, though this map would ship with the game, it would look somewhat different from the map that we were playing. The map had been altered to facilitate quicker action by removing some of the neutral outposts. Due to the nature of the event, both of the games I played of Rise and Fall were more of a hands on experience as opposed to a real game per say. However, my time with the game gave me a fairly strong idea of what the retail version of Rise and Fall will look like. In the following sections I will examine what I found surprising about Rise and Fall, what the mechanics of the game are and some of the criticisms that I had of the game.

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