After I was all gamed out

A person can only play games and watch games for so long, after I was gamed out I simply took in the atmosphere got a few drinks and some food to eat. The lighting was kind of dark so I am quite sure what I took in terms of food. I had some sort of pasta dish and some mystery meat that I am fairly certain was beef. In terms of drinks for the night I had three Samuel Adams and one Becks, not even remotely close to the most alcohol I have ever consumed, but then again I was there on business and I wanted to make a good impression ;).

The one thing that bothered me throughout the night was that any time I wanted to get a drink, I was always "carded". Normally, I can accept that I am 21 but I look like I am 12. But on a night where you had to be 21 to get into the event in the first place, being carded once inside was a little too much.

As the night pressed on I had the chance to talk to Rise and Fall's producer Matthew Vella and Lead Programmer Daniele Gaetano about Rise and Fall and how they got to where they were in the industry. As I was talking to Matthew, the football game Blitz came up. I had really enjoyed the N64 version of this game where you could clothesline a player after play was done. According to Mathew this "feature" of the game actually caused a lot of problems with the NFL and in subsequent versions of the game the feature was removed.

My chat with Daniele was also interesting. I found out that Daniele took physics in university, specializing in astronomy. This gave me the chance to ask a question that had been at the back of my mind for a while concerning the bending of light around massive objects, and how on occasion this can create duplicate stars in the sky from our frame of reference. I had always wondered how we ever found anything in the sky considering the fact that light was bending around numerous massive objects. As it turns out this isn't really that big of a problem, as actually getting the mirror image of a star in the sky is a rare occurrence as it requires a massive object to be in exactly the right spot to bend the light such that we see two images of the star in the sky.

The event finally came to a close around 11:00 pm PST. By this time I had been up for around 20 hours and was sufficiently wiped out. After saying my goodbyes and thanking my hosts I went up to my room and promptly collapsed on my pillow. My next day in LA is hardly worth describing, I got up and essentially went to the airport. The only interesting part of the day was when I got to ride with Greg Atkinson from Gamedaily on my way to Los Angeles International Airport. We had nice discussion about some classic games and where the gaming industry in currently heading. I arrived at Los Angeles International at around 10:30 am PST, and I took off at around 2:00 pm PST and arrived home at 9:00 pm EST.


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