Rampage: Total Destruction (GC, Xbox, PS2)

I can remember playing Rampage when it came out for N64 and it was a blast; this newest incarnation was also incredibly fun. I had the chance to play some two-player mayhem with a producer from Warner Bros. Since we were in LA, we chose LA as the city to demolish (obviously!!). For those of you unfamiliar with the series, Rampage allows you to take control of a monster and smash up a city of your choice. The goal in the game is to level a section of the city with your monster, each time you do so, you move on to a new section. As you knock down buildings, military helicopters, police and tanks will attempt to end your rampage.

Rampage is fairly simple game, both myself and the Warner Bros producer I was playing with (I think he said his name was Chris) picked up the game rather quickly and in no time we were having a blast knocking down buildings, swatting at helicopters and eating people. Being able to eat people is one of the most enjoyable mechanics of the game. Eating people actually replenishes your health. My personal favourite technique for eating people was grabbing the trolleys of tourists on the road and shaking the people into the mouth of my monster like I was emptying a bag of chips. My only complaint about the game was that I had to play it on the PS2 as I am not a big fan of the PS2 controller. For a game that will be retailing at just $20, Rampage: Total Destruction looks like a steal.

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