Roman Heroes

Germanicus Caesar
Germanicus Caesar

Information: (15 BC to 19 AD) Germanicus is one of Rome’s mightiest warriors. In battle he uses his Two-Handed War Hammer to pummel his enemies into pieces, leaving behind bloodied remains for the carrion buzzards. Germanicus wears incredibly-strong armor can absorb an extreme amount of damage during combat.

Because Germanicus is so feared on the battlefield, his mighty Battle Roar strikes absolute terror into the hearts of enemy soldiers, causing them to flee from the battlefield. With the experience of each battle under his belt, Germanicus’ Battle Roar becomes even more terrifying and powerful.

Weaknesses: Very slow and lumbering on the battlefield, Germanicus relies on his infantry to hold enemy forces in place until he can reach them. Also, Germanicus cannot zoom in at all when using his bow.

History: Iulius Caesar Claudianus Germanicus, or "Germanicus Caesar" was a member of the Julio-Claudian dynasty of the early Roman Empire.

Popular among the citizens of Rome, Germanicus celebrated all his victories enthusiastically. He was also well like by his grandfather-in-law Augustus, who for some time considered him as heir to the empire. He assumed several military commands, leading Rome's army in campaigns in Dalmatia and Pannonia. He is recorded to have been an excellent soldier and an inspired leader.

Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar

Information: (100 BC to 44 BC): With his mighty sword Blade of Mars, Julius Caesar leads his troops directly into battle, cutting a swath of destruction through enemy soldiers. An exceptional and well-balanced Hero, it will take a massive, concerted effort on the part of the enemy to bring him down. Information:

Julius Caesar is also the master of Siege Warfare. He can personally direct catapult fire upon any location that he designates. This barrage will quickly annihilate the enemy, paving the way for the Roman infantry. As Julius Caesar gains experience, this catapult barrage gains in strength and intensity, annihilating anything it hits.

Weaknesses: Can only zoom in x1 when in Marksman Mode.

History: Julius Caesar was born into a very ancient patrician family. In 59 BCE Caesar, Pompey and Crassus formed an informal alliance often referred to as the First Triumvirate. Of the three, Caesar was initially the least powerful of three, however in the alliance he had the advantage that Crassus and Pompey were too busy competing with each other to notice Caesar’s maneuverings. In 59 BCE, Caesar marched into Gaul and defeated the weak confederation of tribes inhabiting the lands. In 58 BCE he defeated the Helvetians and in 57 BCE he defeated a force of Belgians. The Gallic conquest continued until 52 BCE as Caesar had to put down a series of revolts after initially defeating the Gauls. In 53 BCE, Crassus was defeated and killed while trying to invade Parthia. A series of complicated political maneuverings followed in 51 BCE which resulted in Caesar’s need to attack Pompey in order to maintain his political power. On January 10, 49 BCE Caesar crossed the Rubicon supposedly uttering the famous words “Let the Die be Cast!” Caesar’s hasty invasion of Italy in the dead of winter was successful and Pompey was forced to retreat to Greece. At Pharsalus Caesar defeated Pompey in 48 BCE, Pompey then died in 48 BCE in Alexandria on the order of Ptolemy XIII, the ruler of Egypt. Having defeated Pompey, Caesar embarked on a series of campaigns restoring order to the Roman Empire.

On March 15 44 BCE (The Ides of March) Caesar was killed by Brutus and his allies who feared that Caesar wished to seek the powers of a king.