History Article Submissions

Rise and Fall Heaven is looking for more history articles in order to expand our collection. The subject of an article can be about anything from the Ancient period (10 000 BCE to 200 CE), that pertains to the civilizations represented in Rise and Fall (Ancient Egypt, The Persians, The Greeks and The Romans) here is an example of a suitable topic for a history article. Articles that are submitted, must be submitted in Word Doc format so that the staff here at Rise and Fall Heaven can properly review the content of the article.

Please try to keep the following things in mind when writing a history article
  • Remember to include your name (forum name), email address and the title of the title article you are submitting.
  • Please remember to check your submission for spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • If you have pictures that you want to include please state, using bold text, where you want the pictures to be in the article. Pictures should be in jpg format.
  • If you have any sources please list them at the end of the article.

All submissions can be sent to Wok.