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Grand Canyons (Skirmish Map)

Author File Description
Dr Grip
File Details
# of Players: 4
Version: R&F: Retail Version
This is a beautiful skirmish map which allows 4 players for maximum. Basically this is an
Egyptian theme desert map. Each player starts in the corner of the map. There is a large
canyon in the centre, seizing control of it can gain control of the riches of the canyons.
There are also 2 bridges across the canyon, destroying it(with any ranged siege) can stop
enermy from getting across, but also it stops you as well. The victory condition is normal.

This map also balance out the unbalance of the game. Here is the list of changes I have

  • Roman swordsmen have been weaken, but the Imperial Praetorian(L5 Roman swordsmen) is only slightly weaken.
  • Spearmen of all civs except Rome are slightly stronger.
  • Cavalry of all civs are slightly stronger and faster, also they are slightly cheaper.
  • Greek Pedagogue(Spartan trainer) is cheaper.
  • Ladder teams and Siege Rams are slightly faster.
  • Buildings(except walls) have 50% more health.
  • The price of Greek citizens is dropped to 30(this is meant to be a bonus of the Greeks).
  • Egyptian War Elephants are more powerful, their power also recharge faster.
  • Egyptian Catapults are slightly more powerful.

    If you have any problems, or you think the balancing is not good enough, you are welcome to write comments or reviews here.

    - Dr Grip
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    Sargon II This is something special. Download it at all costs.

    This is a great map. I loved the design, the balance was very, very good. Romans now can be stopped in their tracks by cavalry and other weapons.

    I also loved the bridges. I was defending the end of the bridge when suddenly i saw millions of swordsmen pile onto it on the other end. Ahh well, no problem, just blow up the bridge. Result? A new type of tomato sauce invented on the canyon below. I call it "hint of brain"

    All in all, a typically great scenario from Dr. Grip.
    Dr Grip
    File Author
    Thanks, I also have some good comments from the online players when I hosted this map in the lobby.
    Accolon Looks very good. The map is split up in four corners, but every corners looks diifirent. This gives it a more natural look. Plenty of details to be found. Very nice done.
    GoSailing Everything is different, as you said, so it is natural looking, but outposts and gold mine placement is symetrical just like all other maps so its fair. It has great eye candy, a fitting number of outposts, and is fair for all players. Most importantly, he got the balance done very well. Romans still kill other units, but actually drop. (And, of course, they should be the best, as they cost the most).

    [Edited on 10/30/06 @ 06:28 PM]

    HGDL v0.8.0

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    Size:2.84 MB