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# of Players: 4
Version: R&F: Retail Version
Here's a new map to enjoy. This features a nighttime temple that works with up to 4 players. This level has been pretty extensively tested, so there should not be any serious bugs on it. Enjoy!
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_o0XxX0o_ This is a beautiful map! Played it for 5 minutes, single player. I'd like to give it a rating, but there are no instructions or objectives in the game. If you would like to add some info to it, I would review it.
Sound a marvelous map. the symetry is great.
im curious though, how did you get everything to the same hieght and with a square brush. Can't figure it out :/.
File Author
To answer the 1st question, there are no objectives, because this is a skirmish map :)

As to the 2nd, I exported a .tga for the map size I wanted in the editor, and took the tga file into Gimp, and toyed around with gradients, curves and whatnot in a complete gray scale, and re-imported. Along with some slight hand touchups and of course painting and texturing, the result is what you see here.

[Edited on 07/21/06 @ 09:06 PM]

Dr Grip This is the most beautiful skirmish map I've ever seen, how did you manage to make everything so neat?
Dr Grip
Map Design5.0
Just played a single player skirmish 2vs2 game on this map(Noble difficulty). I think I should rate this file too.

Playability: 4
The map was quite fun to play. It lasted for about 3 whole hours! Since I'm a defencive player this is a great map to me. However, it was a bit hard to control your units in this map. Especially when you have a large army, with siege weapons and large units. Because the paths are quite narrow . Oftenly my army got splitted up and I couldn't find the other half of them! And it turned out that they went to one of those canyons and got slaughtered.

In the end of the game the fun was spoilt by the stupidity of the AI. My ally had built many walls without a gate. And eventually traped all his units inside his main base. He left me alone fighting 2 AIs. That's probably why it took 3 hours to win! But this isn't your fault as it happens to many built-in maps. I'm sure the gameplay will be much better in multiplayer.

Balance: 5
You have balanced the map quite well. Each places are about the same with the same amount of resources, outposts, etc.

Creativity: 4.5
The idea of making a map set in a night time Egyptian theme temple is quite creative. I also love the canyons and cliffs.

Map Design: 5
A magnificent map. It looked realistic too. The map is neat and tidy, looks more like a park than a battlefield! You must have spent a long time to complete this.

Story/Instructions: 5
You have given clear instructions on how to install and launch the game. And since it's a skirmish map I don't think there is any need to write a story. So I won't lower it because of that.

Additional Comments:
Over all this is a great map and I recommend to download this. Especially if you are a defencive player.

HGDL v0.8.0

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Map Design5.0
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Size:2.35 MB