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Topic Subject:GamesRadar UK Review
Noble (VIP)
posted 06-20-06 11:04 AM EDT (US)         
Forgive me if it's been posted already, but here's a review from GamesRadar UK that I just had to crow about:

"Three years from now the term 'RTS' isn't going to mean what it means today. In 2009 every build-and-battle strategy game on the shelves is going to come with its own version of Rise & Fall's fantabulous Hero Command mode (HCM)."

Good GRAVY, they're impressed.§ionId=1000&releaseId=20060116144032234018

Sean McCann
Product Marketing Manager, Midway Home Entertainment
posted 06-20-06 11:20 AM EDT (US)     1 / 4       
Pretty excellent and accurate review if you ask me.

Let's not forget to mention that at the end of the review, they gave it a score of 9!

Just downright fabulous.

~Lysimachus - Former HG Angel for Rise & Fall Heaven || Was RaFH Game Info Admin || Proud Member of HG since 1998

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posted 06-20-06 12:07 PM EDT (US)     2 / 4       
This reviewer is pleasantly bubbly about the game, in contrast to some we've heard from.

Seems to me a lot of reviewers must've gotten out of bed on the wrong side before they wrote their reviews of R&F. This guy at least gets the point that it's game, it's fun, and that's a very good thing. Maybe he had a beer or two before playing it, but his attitude was properly adjusted to the task at hand. (Wish I could make a living reviewing games. Hard job, that. ) He mentions some bug issues and some negatives, but those don't detract overall from his enjoyment and rating of the game. That seems fair to me because it ultimately leaves it up to the player to decide if the game is fun or not based on his/her experiences/expectations.

Most of the more negative reviews focus on things (mostly nitpicky details, sometime downright erroneus assumptions about how the game works) that have nothing to do with overall enjoyment of the game, and that's where this game really shines, IMO.

Total War Heaven Former Angel Cherub and Long-Time Contributor
posted 06-21-06 05:32 PM EDT (US)     3 / 4       
I've just got round to buying RAF (ROL and HOMMV have too much of my attention at present!), but as a great supporter of Rick's design theory, I'm delighted to find the game confounds it's critics by being brilliant fun! Ok, Spellforce has done the RTS third person thing, but this is amazing! It looks the bee's knees too! How can it get negative reviews about it's visuals?

I find it a little strange that the game is being extremely well received in Britian (two weeks best selling PC game at hugely popular UK online retailer, and current top seller at popular, yet receiving such a very poor reception in the States. Some of the 'big' reviews (you know who you are...) have been down right disgraceful.

On a very sad note, I see that Rick's name is missing from the credits in the manual. Am I supporting him by buying the game and shoving it up Midway, or am I letting him down by purchasing a product he wasn't ready to release or put his name to?

It sort of reminds me of the movie Spartacus (in more ways than one!), Stanley Kubrick (the director), hated the script and wanted the film struck from his CV! Apparently he never knew what to say whenever someone came up and said "Wow! I really love Spartacus!" I think Rick's going to have the same problem...

EEH Seraph
posted 06-21-06 06:08 PM EDT (US)     4 / 4       
It is still a mystery as to why he is not in the credits of the game, but there is a small mention in the credits of the hint guids. My thought is, if you tell ignorant people online who Rick Goodman was, then it is better than the credits, cause most people don't read those anyways.

"It seems to me the humour of Sails is so dry you could strike a match on it and it would be the humour that caught fire." - Friend of Old
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