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Topic Subject:Life is Good
posted 10-16-07 06:52 PM EDT (US)         
I hope everyone here realizes that this Heaven isn't the end, it is truly a beginning.

RaF brought us together, but there will be other games, new challenges and plenty of opportunity to totally rock the gaming world. Many of you have tremendous talent as gamers, and even if you don't, you can acquire more if you practice. I spent hours and hours playing games to develop a competitive capability, and there is nothing wrong or unusual about that.

This is a big, wide world, and there is so much out there that none of us (IMO) should mourn for long over the end of this community. We are a gaming community, we are comrades in the gaming community, and we will never be at a loss for friends as long as we continue to move forward as the gaming community progresses.

There is a ton of fun to be had, and we can always play the old games once in a while through IP or other options.

This is not the end, it is the beginning of new things which we can enjoy if we give the future a chance. Looking forward to seeing you all in the next Heaven.

Total War Heaven Former Angel Cherub and Long-Time Contributor
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