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Topic Subject:Back to zero
posted 07-12-07 06:05 AM EDT (US)         
Well like you all now, I , just like a lot of others, waved bye to that cursed building called school for like two months...

After throwing my books in the trashcan and wondering why my book of mathematics still looked like brand new (like it hasn't been opened)(of course I didn't passed that examination),I started to wonder how I would spend my vacation

So, I refound the pleasure in playing RAF (of course I also refound the things I hate about Midway:@)and what seemed kind of logic... My skills are not much better then those of a rookie

I only had a chance of beating AI after a hard battle in which I was like recreating the world in one big wall...obvius I need the basic of a new strategic way of planning victory and obtaining the sweet tears of revenge which I would lick of the face of my enemy...If only I could beat him


Of course I can't ask your strategics...I only wish the basics

P.S. since I am what I myself would call I noob right now, is it clearly that you won't hear from me on multiplayer games(and also because I can't find my cd key anymore which I need to confirm to be able to get online)

tnx anyway

seems like RoMaNPwNaGe still owns this game
Big credits to you for this
posted 07-12-07 08:56 AM EDT (US)     1 / 6       
Thanks for the compliment and the only strategy to this game is low resources no rules... as far as tips go the only thing I can really tell you to do is to keep expanding your economy...Economy is key to having a solid military...get as many gold mines as you can get alot of wood workers...use taxation with Government centers near wood and gold and TDs on the settlements that arent near wood or arent near gold...

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( > )>
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posted 07-12-07 09:32 AM EDT (US)     2 / 6       
well i have been trying some things now, first game I played the corridor of blood,was making a settlement, then a barrack, then a 30 men army and charged on the outpost...result..30 men dead..waste of money, bad launch

second time i made my self a hero waiting for 30 men army...charged..fialiure

I restarted..cuz I had a look on my enemy's camp..what looked a "bit" better then mine..

Made settlement,barrack, 9 men, hero..and tadam..a tower.. nice in range of the outpost..->30 men -> charged..what was kind of another failiure

restart->settlement barrack 9men hero 15 men tower settlement->town defence..and of course I was pleased to hear my outpost enemy scream i realized that in the time I created my army an captured this one outpost the computer had an economy 5 times better then mine... but i didn't care I made a settlement in the north for more gold investments one in the center which I made a town defence+ a tower army seize: 64men 1hero,1 catapult 25 archers...enemy lost...okay...I'm glad..but..WHAT THE HACK THAT WAS NO RUSHING took me like 30 min. I wanne see at least a 15..
EEH Seraph
posted 07-12-07 08:09 PM EDT (US)     3 / 6       
Now the times for this all varies based on your civilization, but there is a general strategy that will be decently quick while letting you have a good economy. Best of all, it works for all civilizations.

Put two of your first workers on gold and two on wood (with a settlement made after they are done chopping and mining).
Next worker goes to gold and the one after that to wood (this can be changed to vary your strategy)
As soon as you have enough wood, build a barracks and start cranking out swordsmen. The whole time you should also have citizens popping out of your TC.

From here you can do just about anything you want, rush, build an econ or anything else. My personal favorite is an early econ probe (not really a rush, this isn't fast enough) with a heavy follow up attack a couple minutes later.

Notice: This is a general strategy for all races and is meant to be modified accordingly. It is only for low resource and best on no rules.

"It seems to me the humour of Sails is so dry you could strike a match on it and it would be the humour that caught fire." - Friend of Old
posted 07-13-07 01:40 AM EDT (US)     4 / 6       
so you are sugesting to keep the amount of workers chopping and minning as much as equal?

I never tried that before..I always put them all in wood make two others and they go for gold

However I beleave the key of being a "good" player in this game is make the right dicisions on the right time,

for instance

(i'm playing right now and I'm sort of thinking(waauw))

I'm waiting on wood for my barrack, now should I save a little money or not(so I can instantly make worriors) but that isn't quit hard to figure out...I ain't saving money I make as much as villigers as possible it's only 80gold for a troop of soldiers

But now..when should I make my hero? should I make it before I start cranking out an army?of after I got my outpost?

Yet another problem..should I indeed save money for making a DT so it can help attacking the outpost(corridor of blood)??

I think you only can be a "good" player if you made up which disicions you should anwser negatif or positif and the hard part..remembering it

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EEH Seraph
posted 07-13-07 04:46 PM EDT (US)     5 / 6       
There is a rush strat that involves having all workers go to wood, and it is one of the fastest there is, but as I said that strategy is an all around decent one. It wasn't meant exclusively for rushing.

Generally I don't make TD's until later in the game because having your army mobile rather than based in a building is absolutely huge.

When I make my heroes depend on each civ, but generally I start making him around 7-8 minutes. I would be making workers all the way until then, and afterwords. My two or three barracks would still be pumping out units continiously at that time and I would probably expand to a 2nd or 3rd mine around that time.

"It seems to me the humour of Sails is so dry you could strike a match on it and it would be the humour that caught fire." - Friend of Old
posted 07-15-07 03:01 PM EDT (US)     6 / 6       
Tnx for the tip

I have been experimentating a lot, I know found a way to get started I'm able to win a game 2vs2 with my hands on my back(of course still with the AI) Now I'm Just playing a 1vs3 seems like I'm still standing and they aren't
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