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Imhotep’s Blueprints (Scenario Design)
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Topic Subject:How to make a Multiplayer Map
posted 06-13-06 11:06 PM EDT (US)         
How to make a Multiplayer Map

Courtesy of Matt Vella:

(This works I have tested it out)

To make a Multiplayer scenario, create the scenario just as you would a Single Player, except for the following differences;

  • Each Player should have a minimum starting unit set of one Greek Town Center (MP) and three Citizens. These must be Greek units in order to allow the game to alter them to match the player’s civ choice when the game is set up. (If you want to make a standard old multiplayer scenario you can, just remember that you need a building of some sort on the map for a player not to be declared defeated when the scenario starts.)

  • In the Editor on Player Page 2, be sure that any Player slot that you want to be available has the “CPU Only” option off. Outpost players should have “CPU Only” and “Outpost Player” on.

  • Make sure your AI Settings (except Ignore) are set to “Active” for any player that may be run by the computer.

  • Finally, in your Rise and Fall Data folder make a new folder and name it “Map Scripts”.

  • Now make a text file (Notepad works) with the following format (do not include bolded text) (Make certain the file you create is a .rmv NOT A TEXT FILE, to get a .rmv save the text file using *.*):

    File Title: [Scenario Title goes here].rmv

    File Contents:

    DisplayName[Scenario Title goes here.]
    DisplayHelp[Help text goes here.]

  • Put this file in your Map Scripts folder.

    Now when you set up a Multiplayer game your scenario may be selected in the Map Selection Menu, and will be automatically downloaded by any player that does not already have it.

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