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Imhotep’s Blueprints (Scenario Design)
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Rise and Fall Heaven » Forums » Imhotep’s Blueprints (Scenario Design) » Review Request/Bad Review/Review Team Thread
Topic Subject:Review Request/Bad Review/Review Team Thread
posted 05-20-06 06:51 PM EDT (US)         
Review Requests

If you have a scenario or modification that you wish to be reviewed, please post a link in this thread. Rise and Fall Heaven’s Official Review Team will attempt to review all the requested projects posted in this thread. However, this does not mean that the Review Team is under any obligation to review a request. Forumers who are not a member of the Review Team may choose to help out by reviewing any project posted in this thread.

Before you decide to review a project posted in this thread please read the Review Guidelines to learn what constitutes an acceptable review and what does not.


Bad Reviews

If there is a review or comment posted in the Downloads Section that fails to meet the criteria for an acceptable review and/or comment please post the link in this thread along with the name of the person who posted the review/comment. The Official Reviewing Team will look into the problem shortly.

Rise and Fall Heaven is very proud of the designers that help to contribute to our community. It is our goal to create an environment that is free of hostility.


The Official Reviewing Team

The Official Reviewing Team is composed of staff members and forumers that have shown exemplary reviewing skills. Members of the team help to moderate the download section and review scenarios and modifications. Team members are chosen by the staff members here at Rise and Fall Heaven. If you are interested in becoming a member of the team, please contribute to the community through reviews and uploads, rather than outright asking to be a member of the team.

Current Members

Intrepid (Download Section Administrator)


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