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Topic Subject:Scenario Design Forum FAQ
posted 04-19-06 05:56 PM EDT (US)         
Scenario Design Forum FAQ

Misc Questions

Q) Will Rise and Fall come with a Scenario Editor?
A)Yes, you can learn more about the editor here.

Q) What type of editor will the Rise and Fall Editor most resemble?
A)The Rise and Fall Editor will be very similar to the one that shipped with Empire Earth and Empires: Dawn of the Modern World.

Q) Can I make scenarios that are hero mode only?
A) Yes, you can. In certain sections of the campaign there will be hero mode only segments.

Q) Where can I post my Eye Candy Screenshots?
A) They can be posted in our Eye Candy Thread. But, first you need to upload your screenshots to our Design Creations Gallery

Q) How do I take screenshots?
A) F8 takes screenshots, F8 + Ctrl will take screenshots without the UI. Screenshots are deposited in bmp format in your main Rise and Fall folder.


Q) How can I swivel the camera in the editor?
A) Hold down the F1 key.


Q) How can I change the HP of a unit?

Changing the HP of a unit

Go into the triggers section.

Go to the objects section:
Define the object or group of objects that you want to increase the HP of.

Go to the effects section:
Create a unit attribute effect, select the object you defined as the object that you want the effect to apply to and select “Max Hit Points” as the attribute you want to change.

Go to the main trigger section:
Create a trigger and under the effects section input the effect you just created.

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