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Topic Subject:Problems after reloading Rise and Fall
posted 10-20-06 08:16 PM EDT (US)         
Even though I have successfully been playing RaF for at least three months now, I received an error message about the application not being able to find a file path. I looked on Midway's tech support page and couldn't find the answer to this so I reinstalled the game. Now I'm experiencing a different problem while trying to launch Rise and Fall. When I launch the application I get the following error message.

"Internal error when accessing one of the
application's libraries. Contact your customer
support. Error code: 2."

I have uinstalled and reinstalled three times and
even deleted the entire Rise and Fall folder and
then installed, but I still get this error. As I said before, I have been playing RaF for three months befoer this error popped up. I've e-mailed Midway's support team, but as it is the start of the weekend, I doubt they'll get back to me until monday. If anyone has had this problem before and solved it please give me some help, thanks in advance.

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