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Official Rise & Fall Site Launched!
Posted on 9/30/2005 at 2:36 PM by Lysimachus
Lookout and hang on to your britches, for Midway has launched the official site for Rise & Fall! The link is as follows:

The Full Site is yet "Coming Soon", but so far a streaming trailer launches on the main page and a link to our Rise & Fall Heaven site as the "Official Community Site". :D

SSSI wants your input!
Posted on 9/29/2005 at 7:02 PM by Chonaman
SSSI Ranger has posted an important question for your consideration. We all know the lobby function is important to enjoyable gaming, so let your concerns be known. Ranger's post can be found here:
Your thoughts please!

The question is simply this: "What was it about the EE 2.0 lobby specifically that worked for some people? What was better about that than the Empires lobby? What about the Empires lobby after the patch? They all run on generally the same technology, so they can be compared/contrasted pretty directly.

Figuring out that sort of stuff with your help will help us deliver a better product (I'm not promising that all/any feedback will be directly incorporated, but of course the more feedback we get the better!)"
Developer News
Posted on 9/29/2005 at 12:27 PM by Chonaman
SSSI's nato, lead AI designer for Rise & Fall has submitted a response to our question about the quality of the AI. He says the following:

"I think folks here on HeavenGames will be excited to hear that Rise & Fall will be the first RTS game to utilize the same type of Bots you see in FPS games. Each one of our AI Heroes is programmed with a Bot that controls their movement, attacks, and behavior. This has never been done before, and we have the innovation of programmer Dan Higgins to thank for it.

This means that when you meet AI Heroes on the field of battle, they will move and fight just like Human opponents. The Bots work so well that weíve had to tone them down so that we can actually take them on without getting owned!

I hope this is exciting morsel for you guys, I know itís incredibly so for me. Next week Iíll do my best to find the time to post about the unique personalities of each of the AI Heroes, and how they play out in Rise & Fallís warfare. Keep the questions coming!"

AI Designer
Stainless Steel Studios"

Great stuff nato, thanks for the info!
Week In Review
Posted on 9/18/2005 at 4:54 PM by Adder
Things picked up a bit last week with the start of our developer email feature. Along with that should come some other Stainless Steel related activities. Additionally 5 new screenshots were released, and can now be viewed in our gallery. They're looking even better than previous screenshots and should certainly be checked out.

On the content side of things Intrepid finished up his history article on Ancient Egypt, it's just as good as the ones on the other civilizations, and provides and interesting read. What can you expect next week? No clue, keep your eyes peeled for updates!
New Editor Information
Posted on 9/16/2005 at 11:39 AM by Intrepid
Hank, one SSSI most skilled and dedicated scenario designers, has taken the time to reveal a few more tidbits on Rise and Fallís fantastic editor in our Rise and Fall Q/A Thread Though he did not say a lot, what he did say has no doubt piqued the interest of many scenario design enthusiasts. Here is an excerpt of what Hank had to say on the forums.
Hank: We've added some more versatile functions to the editor that will be great for more advanced designers. It's cool too because if you're not advanced, you'll never even notice it's there so it won't add any confusion. On the trigger page, we now of an "If ABCD" condition along with "If". You match up each condition with a corresponding effect. So if B is true, B effect will fire, if D is true, D effect will fire. We've also added an "Else" function to the trigger page. It's as simple as changing it from 'Then' to 'Else'. If you don't want to use either of the new functions, you'll never see 'em.
If you want to learn more about Rise and Fallís revolutionary editor, take a look at the Preliminary Editor Write up here at Rise and Fall Heaven.
More New Screenshots!
Posted on 9/15/2005 at 9:17 PM by Adder
GameSpot's added four new screenshots to their screenshot section for Rise & Fall. They look great, and you should certainly check them out!

We've also received confirmation from Jefro5 that they are indeed in-game. No bullshot there!
History of Ancient Egypt
Posted on 9/15/2005 at 12:02 AM by Intrepid
The fourth article on the prominent civilizations in Rise and Fall has been completed for your reading pleasure. The article examines and explores several historical questions as they pertain to Ancient Egyptian history from the period of 3100 to 343 BCE. Here is a short excerpt from the section examining the rule of Rameses II.
Rameses II (1279 to 1212 BCE) may have only been twenty years old when ascended to the throne after the death of his father. Like many other Pharaohs before him Rameses decided to best demonstrate his glory through the construction of a new capital city. The city, Per-Rameses, was fairly successful as it was well placed in the Delta region to defend against threats from the east and west. Rameses had an extensive building agenda; besides building a new capital city constructed various monuments and statues to his own glory. Despite the fact that he constructed the most monuments of any Egyptian Pharaoh, he still needed to steal credit from other Pharaohs by placing his name on their monuments. In the fourth year of his reign Rameses began his first military campaign. Within this campaign Rameses fought his famous battle at Kadesh. Kadesh has always been a city coveted by Egyptian rulers. Several Pharaohs in the past had taken Kadesh, but its relative distance from Egypt made it extremely difficult to defend, thus it was often lost rather quickly. In the fifth year of his rule, Rameses launched an attack against Kadesh. At the time of the attack the city was under the control of the Hittite. The Hittite king, Muwatallis, planned a trap for Rameses. He sent two Bedouin spies to the Egyptian camp to inform Rameses that King Muwatallis had fled out of fear of the Egyptian army. Rameses believed the tale and advanced on the city in haste, allowing his troops to fall out of formation. Rameses division reached the city first and had to wait for the others to arrive. While they were waiting, they camp upon two Hittite soldiers. After beating the soldiers for information, Rameses learned that he had been tricked. Rameses quickly tried to bring the forces he had back into formation, but it was too late. The Hittites poured out of the city scattering Rameses army. Only his elite guard remained. Rameses and his elite guard fought heroically until they were rescued by a division that had been sent along the coast, and were able to make their escape.
You can avail yourself to the full article here, in our history section.

Interested in history? Have something interesting to write about? If the article's generally about ancient history, or Rise & Fall's general time period (about 1000 BCE to 0 CE) we'd love to put it on the site. If you plan on writing an article you can send it to Adder
Poll Roundup
Posted on 9/13/2005 at 10:44 PM by Adder
The poll results have arrived, and overwhelmingly it seems that your computers are mid to high end. That's not suprising, and I imagine it'll be the audience Stainless Steel will cater to. The full results:
Uber, best of the best! [10 votes]
High end. [46 votes]
Mid-range. [31 votes]
Getting old... [17 votes]
It runs solitaire [4 votes]
This week the poll asks what type of information you'd most like to hear about from Stainless Steel. Vote on the lower right below the ad!

Thanks to Shrink for the poll suggestion!
Developer Email
Posted on 9/12/2005 at 8:54 PM by Adder
Have a question you'd like to ask someone from Stainless Steel Studios? Interested in getting it answered? Here's your chance to communicate with the developers.

We'll be taking detailed questions that deal with the Rise & Fall, Stainless Steel, or the gaming industry in general, sorting through them, and emailing the best to SSSI where your questions will be answered. After the question's answered we'll post them on the site in a feature section.

This is your chance. ;) Email your questions to Adder! I hope to see some good questions from you guys. If you have any questions or comments, please email them to me, or post them in the thread